DMCA Policy

Digital Millennium Copyright Act Policy

We regard the scholarly properties? e privileges of others, similarly as we anticipate that others should regard our rights. As per a di? Advanced Millennium Copyright Act, Title 17, joined states Code, Section 512(c), a copyright proprietor or their operator may present a bring down notice to us by means of our DMCA Agent recorded beneath. As a network access supplier, we are qualified for case insusceptibility from said encroachment claims as per the “protected harbor” arrangements of the DMCA. Present a decent confidence encroachment guarantee to us, you should submit I notice to us that puts forward the accompanying data:

Notice of Infringement – Claim

1. A physical or electronic mark of the copyright proprietor (or somebody approved to act for the sake of the proprietor);

2. Distinguishing proof of the copyrighted work professed to be encroached;

3. Distinguishing proof of the encroaching material to be evacuated, and data sensibly adequate to allow the specialist co-op to discover? I the material. [Please present the URL of the page being referred to help us in distinguishing the supposedly culpable work];

4. Data sensibly adequate to allow the specialist organization to contact the griping party including your name, physical location, email address, phone number and fax number;

5. An explanation that the whining party has a decent confidence conviction that the utilization of the material is nea? torizita of the copyright specialist; and

6. An announcement o that the data in the warning is precise, and, under punishment of prevarication, that the griping party is approved to act for the sake of the copyright proprietor.

Title 17 USC §512(f) gives common harm punishments, including expenses and lawyer charges, against any individual who intentionally and substantially distorts certain data in a notice of encroachment under 17 USC §512(c)(3).

Send all takedown sees through our Contact page. It would be ideal if you send by email? Mail for brief consideration.

If you don’t mind note that we may share the character and data in any copyright encroachment guarantee we get with the affirmed infringer. In presenting a case, you comprehend, acknowledge and concur that your personality and guarantee can be imparted to the asserted infringer.

Reclamation of Material

In the event that you have gotten a notice of material being takedown due to a copyright encroachment guarantee, you may give us counter notice with an end goal to have the material being referred to re-establish to the site. Said warning must be given recorded as a hard copy to our DMCA Agent and must contain generously the accompanying components in accordance with 17 USC Section 512(g)(3):

1. Your physical or electronic mark.

2. A depiction of the material that was brought down and the first area of the material before it was brought down.

3. Affirmation under punishment of prevarication, that you have a decent confidence conviction that the material was expelled or debilitated because of oversight or misidentification of the material to be evacuated or incapacitated.

4. Your name, address, and phone number, and an explanation that you agree to the locale of the government area court for the judge? a locale in which the location is found (or in the event that you are outside of the United states, that you agree to ward of any judge? an area in which the specialist organization might be found), and that the you will acknowledge administration of procedure from the individual or organization who gave the first encroachment warning.

5. Send your counter notice by means of our Contact page. Email is very prescribed.

Rehash Infringed Policy

We consider copyright important. As per the rehash infringer approach necessities of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, we have on a rundown of DMCA sees from copyright holders and attempts to recognize any recurrent infringers. The individuals who disregard our inner rehash infringer arrangement will have their records ended.


We maintain all authority to alter the substance of this page and its arrangement for taking care of DMCA claims whenever under any circumstances. You are urged to inquire to survey this approach frequently for any changes.